Initial Consultation

The Law Office of Charles J. Zimmerer, P.A. will discuss your personal or business tax issues.

tax attorneyOur firm is focused on finding tailored solutions to your tax problems, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about the challenges that you face.

What Types of Clients Do You Accept?

We serve a wide range of clients, many of whom are sophisticated investors or business people looking for innovative tax advice. Our clients include:

  • Foreign nationals have US investments and need to learn the tax consequences and filing requirements
  • US citizens investing or doing business abroad
  • Individuals or businesses who are behind in tax payments or have not filed the required tax returns
  • Foreign taxpayers who need to file US tax returns due to business or financial holdings
  • Retired persons looking for ways to maximize their savings through rollovers or conversions of retirement plans and assets
  • New US citizens who are unfamiliar with the US tax system and requirements
  • Part-time US residents or expatriates that have foreign accounts or income and are unsure about the new declaration and reporting rules
  • High net worth taxpayers with concerns about estate and gift tax, investment tax and alternative investment vehicles
  • Taxpayers with tax debts that are being subject to IRS collections, tax liens or levies
  • Seeking the advice of an accomplished tax attorney may be one of the best decisions that you make, especially if you have financial interests that are international in scope. We understand that tax issues can seem overwhelming to many clients, and we are committed to finding solutions to put your concerns to rest.

Please contact tax attorney Charles J. Zimmerer, P.A. at your convenience for a consultation, and we will give your tax issues the attention that you deserve. In most cases, advance planning is the best approach to minimizing taxes and making sure that you are in compliance with IRS regulations. However, if you have an urgent problem we are prepared to help you resolve it as efficiently as possible.

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