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Assisting clients in IRS defense, filing back tax returns, tax planning, and international taxpayer representation. Learn More.

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Consider a transaction where you distribute your appreciated employer stock from your 401(k) or LESOP and cut your taxes in half, from high ordinary income tax rates (39.6% +), to low capital gains rates (0%, 15%, 20%), and avoid the Net Investment Income Tax Rate (3.8%) using a little known tax strategy involving Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA). NUA is not widely known or understood because the IRS has published very little about it outside of its Treasury Regulations. You will need the opinion of a Tax Attorney. Learn More.


As a Tax Attorney, we offer unique insight and experience in the IRS Offer in Compromise process, whether an OIC Doubt as to Collectability, OIC Doubt as to Liability, or an OIC Effective Tax Administration. We have used Offers in Compromise to amend tax returns after the close of the statute of limitations, to remove Trust Fund Recovery Penalties after appeals deadlines have passed, and to negotiate and reduce IRS debts, tax debts, and penalties using OIC doubt as to collectability. Learn More.


There are occasions when clients need an additional layer of expertise in the preparation of his or her tax return. There are many reasons, such as the return is too complex for a preparer or CPA; the client has questions that have gone unanswered; the existing preparer needs the technical expertise that a lawyer provides; the client has never had a preparer and has significant issues in the current year; or the client is significantly out of compliance and has not filed for many years. Learn More.


I have represented clients in IRS and Florida audits, defending them with superb credentials: Attorney, CPA, & Former Prosecutor–only a handful have such credentials in the country. The IRS can be bureaucratic in its decision-making. Accordingly, and unlike other practitioners, I possess the wherewithal to vigorously advocate your case at the examination level, at the IRS Office of Appeals, and in the US Tax Court, District Court, or Court of Claims. I have also defended individuals, businesses, and even tax return preparers in promoter penalty cases. Learn More.

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